Poor Advice and Other Stories (2015) 

 Sure Things & Last Chances (2016)

Short Stories


Blue Lake Review–The Hoops

Eclectica–“A Lost Will”

                      The Writing Disorder–The Benefits of being a Lit Mag Editor

Conceit Magazine—The Benefits of being a lit mag Editor

“The Benefits of Being a Lit Mag Editor”


The Flatbush Review: “Milk Tea”


Five on the Fifth“Percolators”

Belletrist Magazine“Sorry”

Manhattanville Review“A Deep Freeze”

Flash Fiction Magazine“Good People”


Eclectica Magazine,  April/May:  “The Sunflower Seed Spitters”

The Penman Review, May: “Chess at the Dealership”

RiverRiver, Spring: “Things and the Reasons for Things”

Lowestoft Chronicle, June:  “The Great One”

Columbia Journal, Issue 55: “Bygones Are Bygones”

Prime Number Magazine,  Issue 109: Aisle Worker of the Year

Umbrella Factory Magazine, June:  “Sin”

Conceit Magazine, July: “Change”

Conceit Magazine, “Acute Petula-itis”

Calliope, Winter: “Labor Day Battles”

Stickman Review: “Rag Arm”


Loch Raven Review:  The Museum Test

District Lit:  “The Columbus Park Game”

Eclectica Magazine, July/August:  Little Cruelties

Two Hawks Quarterly: Reset Button

Easy Street:  Visiting Joseph Roulin

Serving House Journal: Networking

Apocrypha and Abstractions: “Signals”

Gravel:  “Tahoe Lake”

Litbreak: “Promotion”

Halfway Down the Stairs:  “Winging It”

Literally Stories: “Rescue”

Drunk Monkeys  A Sure Thing

Thrice Fiction Magazine: “Third Wheels” Thrice Fiction, Issue 16


Menda City Review: “Lost in the Woods”

FRiGG:  Not Even Close

Menda City Review: “Hunger”

The Writing Disorder: “The Waiting Game”

Blue Monday Review:  “The Movers”

Rappahannock ReviewThe Over-Thirty League

Referential Magazine: “Antitheses”


The Rio Grande Review, Issue 43:  “False Hope”

Main Street Rag:   “Incoherence”

Forge Journal, Issue 8.1:  Wannabes

Ostrich Review, Issue 6:  “Penance”

Per Contra:   “Difficult People”

Compose: A Journal of Simply Good Writing : “Showing Them”

Sand Canyon Review: “The Wrong Beth”

Monkeybicycle: “Showing Him”

Grasslimb Journal, Volume 12, No. 1:   “False Hope”

Knee Jerk:  The Listeners

Eclectica, Vol. 18, No 1:   “The Lady With the Red Van”

Pithead Chapel,, Vol. 3, Issue 2:   “Sore Losers”

Newfound Journal, Vol. 5:   “Jaywalkers”

The Penmen Review:   “The In-Between Time”

Niche Magazine, Issue 5:   “Damaged Goods”


Freight Train Magazine:   “Conniptions”

FRiGG:   “About Beauty”

Eclectica, Volume 17, No. 1:   “Bridges”

Avalon Literary Review:   “Visiting Joseph Roulin”

Hawaii Review, Issue 78:   “Never Trust a Pool Salesman”

Oklahoma Review, Volume 14, Issue 1:   “All Mapped Out”

Blue Lake Review:   “Letters From a Young Poet”

Cobalt Review (The Jim Palmer Issue), Summer:   “Little Leagues”

2 Bridges Review, 2013, Volume 3:   “The Mechanic’s Wife”

The Corner Club Press:   “Acute Petula-itis”

The Brooklyner, May:   “Another Diana”

Banango Street:   “Dear Mr. Faulkner”

Up the Staircase Quarterly, Issue 21:   “The Penalty”

Shark Reef:   “Almost Like Steve McQueen”

Bartleby Snopes, August Issue:   “Craving Honey”

Amsterdam Quarterly :   “Hiatus”


Bartleby Snopes, December Issue:   “The Ventriloquist”

Blue Lake Review:   “This Is My Montauk”

Toasted Cheese, Issue 12: 1:   “Firm Iron”

The Cortland Review, Issue 55:   “Squeezing the Boots”

Waccamaw  Journal:   “Hands”   (Million Writers Award Runner Up) 

Up the Staircase Quarterly, Issue 17:   “A Chinese Window”

Prick of the Spindle, Issue 6.3: “A Lost Flokati”

Untoward Magazine:   “A Teen Tale”

Two Hawks Quarterly:   “Hey, Soul”

Spilling Ink Review, Issue 8:   “The Fly Massacre”


Umbrella Factory, Issue 8:   “Little Leagues”

Sheepshead Review, Fall, Vol. 33, No 1:   “Two Saturdays”

Halfway Down the Stairs:   “Making Change”

Lowestoft Chronicle, Issue 7:   “Dr Dream”

Untoward Magazine:  “Correspondence”

Bartleby Snopes, November:   “With Doleful Vexation”

Rose & Thorn Journal, Fall:  “Rescue”

Blueline, Issue 32:   “Elegy for Strangers”

The Bicycle Review :   “Tony the Mustache”

Loch Raven Review :   “Days of Wine and Pratfalls”

Breakwater Review, Issue 5:   The Flip Side”

FRiGG, Spring:   “Private Eye”

Rougarou, Spring:   “The Spy and the Priest”

The Best of Foliate Oak:   “Our Carnegie Hall Concert”

The Legendary, Issue 25: “Suburban America (A Novel)”

Prick of the Spindle, Vol. 5.1:  Two Eclairs

JMWW:   “Fifteen Submissions to the Gibberish Review”

Rose & Thorn Journal, Winter:  “Orca (A Madcap Thriller)”

Stymie, Spring/Summer:    “Butch”


Stirring:   “Poor Advice”

“Bartleby Snopes, October:   “Burned Widow”